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Urban Farming:
Feeding The Cities

Wednesday, 2nd March 2022

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Lagos State Government cordially invite you to participate in the upcoming protective horticulture knowledge sharing and networking event.
About the event

This event seeks to increase the interest, awareness, and engagement of Dutch and Nigerian public and private actors active in or influential in the protected horticulture subsector

The event format would be hybrid; taking place in Lagos, Nigeria and virtually. The event would also be livestreamed for the public to watch.

The consulate general of the kingdom of the Netherlands has commissioned Naijalink to organise the horticulture event.

Prospects for Protected Horticulture in Nigeria are promising

To tackle the food security issue and the ecological and economic challenges in Nigeria, major changes are needed in the food system. Climate change and massive population growth make this even more necessary. Covered horticulture is a promising option, also for the Dutch agri-food sector.

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Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and is also the most populous with over 200 million inhabitants. Agriculture is a significant contributor to GDP, and it employs about 70% of the population. Lagos is the commercial heart of the country as well as the economic hub of West Africa. Lagos is also known to be the leading tech hub in Africa where there are various innovative start-up companies -including in Agriculture. The Lagos economy is larger than that of Kenya and Ghana combined -and its 22 million or so inhabitants consume around EUR 10bn annually.

Why Lagos?

Currently Lagos produces just 20-24% of the food it consumes. The Lagos State Government has set itself the target to increase this to 40-50% by 2025. Increasing urban farming is not just a government goal, but also a necessity considering the anticipated population growth to 30 million by 2030.

Lagos state is also known to have fast adoption of technology and innovative techniques in agriculture. To grow food production further, the state and its companies welcome the best possible partners.

Dutch-Nigerian Agric relationship

The Netherlands is Nigeria’s 4th largest importing partner and 3rd largest exporting partner. Dutch companies have experienced success in entering the Nigerian agri-market, particularly in Lagos where there is a continuous demand for new technologies in crop cultivation. Dutch companies are perceived as great business partners as they are known for providing quality goods and services. The Netherlands agricultural sector has a high reputation as they are known to be the second largest exporter of agriculture in the world.

Dutch Protected Technology in Nigeria

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